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What is a full-range speaker?

To fully understand what a full-range speaker is, it is essential to learn about the human sound. Sound frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz), or the number of times that the audio signal rises and then falls within a second. Quality speakers are built to both high and low frequencies at the level that is audible to the human ear. The human ear is able to hear all frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 000 Hz (20 kHz). In order to understand this concept, we can say that certain speakers produce heart-thumping bass at 20 Hz and a piercingly high-frequency signal on 20 000 Hz (20 Hz). A full range speaker is capable of producing most of these frequencies, within the limitations of its physical constraints. That means that the speaker design can influence the quality of the of a full-range speaker.


Frequency range 

The term “Full-Range” connotes the speaker that covers the entire range of the human voice. Most full-range speakers have a low frequency of around 60-70 Hz. Larger units with 15” drivers will reach low frequencies, while those of 10” LF drivers or less will roll off closer to 100 Hz. The high-frequency range of such devices usually extends up to 18 kHz. Therefore, smaller format speakers with very-low-mass HF drivers will have range extension above the high-power systems. They have heavier diaphragms to accommodate their power requirements. The low-frequency range of these systems will not be required to do the work on their own on the bottom end. They might overlap the subwoofers or possibly be crossed over above their LF cutoff and be relieved of low- frequency transmission.


The structure 

Typically, a full-range drive unit consists of a single driver element, or voice coil, used to move and control a diaphragm. Often the cone structure includes optimizations to enhance high-frequency performance. For example, a small low-mass horn or Whizzer cone can be mounted where the voice coil and diaphragm meet, thereby increasing the output at high frequencies. The shape and materials used in the cone and Whizzer are highly optimized.

Since the full-range speakers need to have both high and low-frequency response, it covers an entire audio spectrum compared to other speakers. For high-frequency, it might include a light voice coil and technique cabinet design for low frequencies. It might also feature different drivers in order to improve your listening experience.


Sound quality

Full-range speakers offer a great sound experience and the quality is better than that of the most multi-way speakers. The elimination of the crossover gives this speaker more power to provide a delightful listening experience. Furthermore, it gives quality and detail in the mid-level tones. However, commercial full-range speakers might be expensive and are rare. In some cases, audiophiles might have to assemble their own units.


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