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Best quality GH-999VIP wireless microphone in China

Use Parts: 500 PIECE
Supply Ability: 50000 PIECE
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Product modelGH-999VIP
Frequency Range640-690MHz
Number of tunable channels100×2
Mode of oscillationPhase locked loop frequency synthesis
Use Parts500 PIECE
Supply Ability50000 PIECE
Payment TermsTT , LC , Others

Product description:

1 New audio circuit architecture; fine and smooth in high pitch, powerful in both Middle and low frequency; especially Have a perfect performance in the detail of the sound

2 Super strong dynamic tracking ability which makes both far&close voice receive and release freely

3 New concept Digital pilot technology that thoroughly solve the problem of cross frequency in KTV rooms; Never frequency! 

4 Equipped with circuit which has howling inhibition function and debugging is easier 

5 Function of searching for non interference channel automatically , and the installation is more convenient 

6 The maximum output volume can be freely restricted, and the range of adaptation is wider. 

7 100 x 2 channels, channel interval 250KHz 

8 High sensitivity of receiving 

9 Have excellent anti-interference ability 

10 Special design of mute circuit which completely eliminates the impact noise of microphone opening and closing. 

11 The microphone uses a unique boost design, and the battery power does not affect the overall performance of the microphone. 

12 It has the function of infrared automatic frequency matching, and enables the microphone to synchronize quickly to the working channel of the receiver. 



Product Model:


Frequency Range: 


Number of tunable channels: 


Mode of oscillation: 

Phase locked loop frequency synthesis 

Frequency stability: 


Receive Mode: 

Superheterodyne secondary frequency conversion 

Receiving sensitivity: 


Frequency response: 


Harmonic distortion: 


Signal-to-noise ratio: 


Audio output: 

Balanced output and mixed output 

Transmitting power: 


Modulation mode: 

Frequency modulation(FM) 

Battery specification: 

No. five battery 2 section 

Power supply requirement: 


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